OASIS Leadership and Professional Development Program

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What Is OASIS?

The Objective Analysis of Self and Institution Seminar (OASIS) is a leadership and professional development program designed to accelerate the career development and advancement of academic women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), including social and health science fields through a combination of workshops, networking, and individual coaching.  The program aims to increase retention of women in STEM by reducing isolation and preparing women for leadership positions.

How Does the Program Work?

Participants develop strategies and skills to be more effective collaborators, communicators, negotiators, and personal advocates. They also benefit from a community of peers and senior colleagues.  The program is helpful to faculty at different points of their career - including new faculty as they navigate start-up and senior faculty as they consider taking on leadership positions as department chairs, program directors or assistant deans. 

What Makes OASIS Different?

The OASIS program is more than a series of workshops.  For maximum impact, it is important to connect all the components.  The program is structured so that the peer learning exercises build on the skills and content from the workshops.  The coaching sessions allow the participants to set goals related to workshop topics. The OASIS methodology is based on the adult learning principles of 1) provide opportunity for reflection, (2) encourage taking action and (3) allow for self-direction.  Feedback from participants reflects that the OASIS program, in fact, supports their learning in those ways.

  • Reflection: “Allowed me to think out loud to help define what I want/need” 
  • Taking action: “She (coach) is also extremely helpful in terms of working through concerns and finding simple steps to address them in a positive way.”
  • Self-direction: “By talking to her (coach) I was able to see what some options were for issues I had”

Want More Information?

Contact the OASIS Program Director:

Beth Tracy
Office: 848-445-1271
Cell: 215-718-3587
Email:  beth.tracy@sciwomen.rutgers.edu

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